Allegedly Small fraction of Grenfell donations given to victims!

A Justice for Grenfell march in Regent Street, London, in July. Photograph: Emerson Utracik/Rex/Shutterstock

Charity Commission says £2.8m of the £18.9m collected for survivors of June blaze has been distributed to them to date

Only a fraction of the £18.9m collected for survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster has been distributed to them to date, according to data released by the Charity Commission.

The regulator said £2.8m had reached victims – less than 15% of the total raised by charities led by the Red Cross, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation and the Evening Standard.

Acknowledging that a relatively small amount had reached survivors in the two months since the blaze, the commission said it was time to spell out how much money had been spent, and promised there would be regular updates.

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