Tupac Chronicles is brought to you By Soul Central Magazine,
This show was put together by Shawn Booth AKA Slash, Jibril Bey and Mark Rowe.
The show is for those that where friends, family or those that feel 2pac inspired them in diffirent ways and made a diffIrence to there life. And would like to share there story or experience with the Fans.
For more info on how you can feature email us at [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you all for the support WATCHING AND SHARING THESE CHRONICLES, TUPAC touched many people in a positive way and this web series is a place you can share your experince with others.


Tupac Chronicles 2017 Promo Vid – Exclusively on Soul Central Magazine @Soulcentralmag

With all the hysteria about the recent tupac movie and alot of dissapointment from fans Soul Central Magazine along with SOS Music Group and...