Theresa May proposes two-year transition after Brexit

Cautious praise by EU to UK leader's speech, while European leaders urge more clarity on citizens' issue and budget. Source link

Middle school teacher arrested for having sex with student — again

A former middle school gym teacher in Georgia was arrested for the second time this year for having sex with a student. Shawnetta D....

Barzani: Kurd region poll to occur despite opposition

KRG head defiant as Turkey calls planned independence referendum in Kurdish northern Iraq a threat to its security. Source link

Aides warned Trump not to attack North Korea in UN speech

President Trump was repeatedly warned by aides not to personally attack the North Korean leader during his blustery “Rocket Man” speech at the...

College student gets trapped in cave for nearly 3 days

A 19-year-old Indiana University student said on Facebook this week that he was “safe and sound” after being left behind by a college...

Rich couple killed their nanny, burned body in backyard: cops

A well-to-do couple were arrested for murdering then char-broiling their French nanny — after neighbors reported a “weird barbecue” smell to cops and...

Bill Gates answers questions from BBC Pidgin audience

This is what some of BBC Pidgin's audience asked Microsoft Founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. Source link

How Gaza's only escape turned deadly

Owing to the power crisis, coastal pollution worsens, causing death and disease. Source link

Soseong-ri: Ground Zero of South Korea's anti-THAAD movement

With deployment of US anti-missile defence system, Soseong-ri residents turn from being melon farmers to anti-war activists. Source link