A bibliophile lost in the wafting biblichor, loves the aroma of freshly baked cakes. Night sky intrigues her much like that cup of steaming coffee.

The depth of her imagination is akin to her favorite color black- Abysmal. A software engineer by profession and an author by passion Saranya Umakanthan is a dog lover and gadget freak.
One fine day an amazing thought struck on her mind. She visualized her name on the cover of a novel penned down by her.

She subsequently found her refuge in the world of words and imaginations. She decided to let that dream spiral up her senses and help her convert that vision into reality.

Anahata-The chakra of love ,is a conceptual love story between the protagonists of the novel. It’s a roller coaster ride through a cornucopia of emotions. The book teaches us the significance of love , friendship and humanity and is a completely unique portrayal of the same.
Saranya is a determined spirit aiming to reach the zenith of success and she believes that no matter what life throws at us “It’s all about the climb”.


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