32 #CLASSIC Moments of Michael Jackson


Moment 1 – 9: Michael Jackson talks to Oprah
Moment 10: Michael Jackson “Ghosts”
Moment 11: Michael Jackson interview NTV Japan
Moment 12: Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour “Earth Song” in Seoul, Korea
Moment 13: Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour “Billie Jean” in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Moment 14 – 16: n/a (I saw them from various videos)
Moment 17: Men in Black II
Moment 18: Living with Michael Jackson

NOTE: ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ is an extremely biased documentary purposefully edited to display MJ negatively. Seriously, it’s not even a documentary! Proper documentaries are not filled with lies.

Moment 19: Take Two – The Footage You Were Never Meant To See

NOTE: ‘The Footage You Were Never Meant To See’ or simply, ‘the rebuttal video’ is released after ‘Living with Michael Jackson’. Now THIS is the TRUTH. The video FULLY PROVES Martin Bashir is a lying, double-faced jerk.

Moment 20 – 32: Michael Jackson Private Home Movies

NOTE: Okay, this is a happy, positive note. 🙂 The ‘Private Home Movies’ contains A LOT of really fun, well, home movies! I did not cut them all out, it’ll take a century to upload it onto Youtube. If you haven’t watch it full, I strongly recommend that you do! 😀

Video Source: Youtube
Katie Smith Published on Nov 2, 2014


Go to link the below and Hear more about the alleged accusations on Michael Jackson from Author Geraldine Hughes.





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