360PR Music tv presents Shacq Plat – Calling Me Back

Shacq s Plats is a new artists co signed to Gamble Life Records Shacq s is adriven Artist and passionate artists when it comes to music From music school to transition to making the move to a career in music Really inspired about his father which was a reggae artist Gunna and Kodak black are the artists that Shacqs is following in their footsteps.

Shacq is is Afro Caribbean decent and grew up in London Shacqs influences is rap at its finest 80s flow with a Modern twist Shacqs is in the process of launching a record label business 5th musik His first and latest release Calling me back which can be found on the Gamble Life app

Shacq Platz track Calling Me Back https://youtu.be/Omy1_JfYgGs

Shacqs_platz – Calling Me Back – Single by Shacqs Platz https://music.apple.com/gb/album/shacqs-platz-calling-me-back-single/1472860030


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