AAMU Marching Maroon and White Band – Homecoming was a little extra special yesterday.

The quality of any band program is the ability to know when you perfect your craft. Please read a message from one of our parents.


Yesterday was extremely special to US! Through the summer I’ve watched my Boy spend hours in his office (formally MY GYM he took over) lol arranging music. I recall leaving home at 4:15a.m. headed to the gym one day and he was in the lab working on this very piece. I asked why was he up so early his reply was “Mama I been up all night working on this” We share a special bond & interest & I’m enjoying watching you grow daily in your Craft.

People ask why do you go to all of the games. My son is not just apart of the MMW just to turn up crank or shake his tail I attend because this is my sons FUTURE!! I thank the great Professors and Leaders at AAMU that are helping to build him! You EARNED that moment Brian Smith and I am so very proud of you. Love you! Mommy😘

Song: Gut Feelings by @ellamai
Arranged by: Brian Smith
Played by: AAMU Marching Maroon and White Band !!!


Filmed by Venita NeNe Smith


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