About Soul Central Magazine

Founded in 2013 by Mark Rowe Soul Central Magazine is a globally recognised and trusted choice for consumers seeking inspirational stories, interviews and information relating to arts, culture and entertainment . Soul Central Magazine is free to read online.

Soul Central Magazine has had upto half a million readers each month, and since becoming a free to read online, Soul Central Magazine has become London’s most talked about independantly run magazine.


  • Soul Central Magazine is 1 of London’s most popular magazines with nearly 500,000 Million readers per month.
  • Soul Central Magazine has a circulation of 480,170 copies Max so far per month.
  • Soul Central Magazine has made a global impact and been a bridge for the global community

Get in Touch

To find out more about advertising opportunities with Soul Central Magazine , please contact us. Price list >>> CLICK HERE <<<

For branding and display advertising please contact:

Vice President: Dionne Hall

Advertising and Trading Director

T: +44 (0)7903 674590
E: info@soulcentralmagazine.com

For culture and entertainment advertising please contact:

Mark Rowe

Director, Sales & Publishing UK, USA & Overseas

T: +44 (0)7903 674590
E: info@soulcentralmagazine.com

Production specifications


Artwork sizes (HEIGHT x WIDTH, mm)

Size Type area Trim Bleed
DPS 268 x 422 297 x 450 307 x 460
Page 268 x 197 297 x 225 307 x 235
1/2 V 268 x 96.5
1/2 H 132 x 197
1/4 R 132 x 96.5
1/4 V 268 x 46
1/4 H 64 x 197
1/8 V 132 x 46
1/8 H 64 x 96.5
1/16 64 x 46
1/2H DPS 132 x 422
1/4H DPS


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