AMC Networks send Into the Badlands cast to New York Comic Con 2018 #sendthebadlandstocomiccon

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In light of the recent Emmy snub for Outstanding Stunt Coordination fans of the show Into the Badlands want to send the cast to New York Comic Con this year to help promote the show and its amazing cast and crew.

AMC is a fantastic network that has some of the best shows on television. And, although we had hoped to see more FYC Emmy promotion from AMC for the show this season, we know you love the show as much as we do.

Additionally, we understand there are only so many shows the Emmy voters can see and consider so why not energize those voters by putting the amazing cast out there and showing them what the show is all about?

Daniel Wu, recently did an interview where he discussed the reasons he feels the show did not receive an Emmy nomination and goes into detail about the ground-breaking work being done on the series.

Daniel has also expressed how excited he and many other cast members would be to appear at New York Comic Con to help promote the show and meet its die-hard fans.

You can see that interview here:

This show means a great deal its fans and to the wonderful people whose hard work create such a diverse, action-packed, martial arts fueled, story-driven drama.

The series is an important milestone for television not only for the style of action and production value it brings to the small screen but also for its diversity in cast and women in roles of power. Not to mention the pedigree it gives to the network itself.

We know you will be just as excited as the fans to have this revolutionary show elevated with more people watching and its cast and crew getting the recognition they deserve. Having them appear at New York Comic Con this October 4-7 will help make that happen. share the hshtag #sendthebadlandstocomiccon Thank you



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