Amiral Johnson: We speak to the international artist from France

Born in: Paris (France)
Lives in: ( everywhere and nowhere lol ) California USA
Profession:  International Artist (US rapper)
Career Ambition: Aftermath  record (Dr DRE Label)
Life ambition: Have some children and be married
Fav Food: Steak and fries ; milkshake and ice cream

Q1. Describe your practice/profession with 5 words?

I’m an international rapper though I have the French nationality. I work in and for the US Hip Hop industry with different Hip Hop teams and producers in U.S.
-Dj King Assassin 1 Hood entertainment (Compton USA)
-Dj Int Wigg –Fakulties/coke boyz south (Miami-USA)
-TaylorMade (from Dujeous)(New-York USA)
-Pure Husle Recordz (Douglas/Georgie/USA)
-Dj Young Cee (Shaddy45 DJ Team and G-UNIT DJ’S Team) (Miami FL USA)
-Mark WILSON (Future Big Star-Tamia MOTOWN) (Las Vegas USA)
-Robert DIGGS (R2A) Wu Tang Clan (NYC-USA)

Q2. Best and worst thing about your profession?

-In most cases I run the world it’s very nice and cool , u can meet a lot of different people
 in a lot of places. I went to Berlin (Germany) London and Manchester (UK) New-York-Bronx-Harlem-Los Angeles-Santa Monica-Lynwood-Venice Beach-Compton…(USA) and more.
In fact I stayed in California for one total during of 4 months so that I can work with Dj King Assassin, the famous DJ and producer who worked with TUPAC SHAKUR, EAZY E, EMINEM, AKON and WYCLEEF JEAN, I makd one promotional hip hop show in Pomona at the CARNIVAL CLUB in California State, similarly there was some aftermath record artist like legendary Kokane and more to this Hip Hop show the famous “Father of Hip Hop” 20 GFUNK LA.A Radio Team, Loyd DA EVENT and more.
In this respect you can find in the next October month one fat Hip Hop track produced by Dj King Assassin who’s call “Step by step” perform by myself JOHNSON AMR AKA THE SCORE my new artist name.
I worked with Dj Young Cee from the “SHADDY 45 DJ’S” and “G-UNIT DJ’s” TEAM.
Young Cee (Miami FL-USA) promoted my music on the famous “SHADDY 45 RADIO SHOW” and “G-UNIT RADIO SHOW” on XSIRIUS FM SATELITE the last winter. This is the reason u can find my tracks and bluntz with Eminem on his own mixtape and single available on NEVA AGAIN is a fat trap track with me and Eminem against Donald TRUMP and the Brexit system in USA.
Dj Int Wigg from Da Coke Boyz Dj’s coalition make the same work too, a real work and promotion for me on and too.
With this job we have the free speech against the system. We can talk about this on different radios and Tv talk shows Mark I make this the last December month in Broadway (NYC-USA) for one Hip Hop Tv Channel.
I would like to make announce now Mark, for all the youths who’s livin UK and USA “GO TO VOTE” against Theresa May and the Donald Trump Brexit and racist government we must stay together “BREXOUT” we don’t need the white supremacy and the K.K.K.
I am a real artist Mark not a fake, never forget my new artist name “The SCORE” AKA JOHNSON AMR a real freedom fighter I have the free speech without full money lol.
The worst thing Mark I am always on the road  in some places for different destinations even if I saw the best place in California like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Manhattan beach… u know Mark I lived in Lynwood City on LongBeach Boulevard near Compton I meet a lot of peeps, different peeps I saw the real misery I saw my peeps the black peoples who suffering the D.Trump racist system I never saw this before.
D.Trump kill my peep in L.A,NYC to Pittsburg. The white supremacy kill some black peeps, Mexicans, Jews. I saw and live with some gangs like L.A crips, MS13 in California I lose a lot of things with this job like my freedom. Why I’m in jail now? For what? For my job Mark.

Q3. What is the biggest challenge you face professionally?

My biggest challenge will be my next US challenge Mark. In fact I saw this with QC THA KID (Aaron Arnwine) from Compton and Long beach, he’s the Snoop Dog sound engineer and I would like to work with Dr DRE the Aftermath record boss in Qc found the solution.
I mist make one feat with Mr RBX (The Snoop cousin) , so that RBX could introduce me to Dr DRE. This is my next challenge in 2020. I would like to work for Aftermath I would like to have one LP produced by Dr DRE. I work since 5 years for the westcoast.

Q4. What or who inspires you in your career?

In most cases nobody inspired myself In my career “I am who I am” this is the reason why in I am and I stay real and authentic. I am myself I am not a fake in my life, on stage and more.
My name is “THE SCORE” nobody can test me.

Q5. If you weren’t in your profession, what would you do?

I would like to protect the nature and the animals because they are fantastic and better than than the human race.
In Manhattan beach California whenever I went to the beach and I called the dolphins near the sea , 1 minute after the dolphins came I join them and I swim with them in the sea it was a real and wonderful experience super cool , I swim with sea elephant too.
The Manhattan beach people called my “shark”. I think if I weren’t in my profession I will be a “pacific panthers” in California. Really in this place the Hip Hop artist like Dr DRE –Eminem-Kendrick Lamar have a surname “The sea turtle”, Snoop is a dog. Nobody can test THA AMIRAL AKA THE SCORE except the dolphins and the sea elephant I am a pacific panthers

Q6. What Project have you released recently?

I have my new project who s call “Illegalife” distributed by Cd Baby New York produced By Fakultie Production Based In Miami Drived bY Dj International Wigg From Da Coke Boys Coalition.You can find Cardie B On This Lp  Eminem Is on This Project Too Mark Wilson And B recognito From Brooklyn too. Available on Cd I Tune store USA produced and composed by Dj Int Wigg from Da Coke Boyz Dj’s (FL-Miami-USA) and by Dj King Assassin (Compton-Cali-USA) from 1HOOD Entertainment.
For the “Get On” single I had one meeting the last December month with Robert “Selassie” Jackson in Harlem New-York USA. I have one deal now with Megatron Music LLC/UniversalMusic Group Distribution USA for my marketing and distribution. I make some recording studio session last winter in Broadway NYC USA for this project too with ARTUGUA, I turned one Hip Hop Tv Show too in Broadway.  The “Get On” Johnson Amiral Single Is Available O n Apple I Tune Usa

Q7. What person, dead or alive, would you say has inspired you the most?

On second thoughts I think Bob Marley is this person cause he was a real revolutionaries he was the best with Tupac Shakur. Black icons.

Q8. What are you listening to at the moment?

I am so down with Eminem he’s real for me with Snoop Dog Aftermath and the LBC.
Eminem in a real rebel he’s the best rapper in this fake world
Rhythm And Politic (RAP)
I hate six-nine a real fake, a police informer watch one french rapper “La Crim” from Def Jam Paris Recording France they work with x6nine the famous FBI informer its a real fake  def jam france is fake.  listen they don’t know how can make one real beat they put some African musical beat and they say some bullshits on this  in France the hip hop is dead since long time . I’m so down with “soul circle” too and the BSM with Wacka Flocka.

Q9. What is your favorite project you worked on regarding your work?

The best? Humm I think my LP “Illegalife” available on Cd Baby my compilation “Handz up” with John Legend, Wacka Flocka, Sharon Jones, The loc, Das FX, Dujeous,Br and myself available on and my LP “Full Metal HipHop” produced by TaylorMade from Dujeous NYC USA available on CD BADAY USA (ITUNE STORE USA) 25 tracks.
 And don’t forget this the most important in this life its too be free !!!
in France they put me in 13  jail between  in 2018 and 2019 for nothing.
I never forget this on all of my life the french judge Mr Lenoir Xavier from Le Mans  a little racist town in France.

Q10. Where can we see your work?

You can see my work on:
-Universal Music Group (USA)
-Bandcamp: Johnson Amiral
Youtube: Amiral Johnson
Cd Baby: LP”Full Metal Hiphop” Johnson Amiral
aka johnson Amr LP iLLEGALIFE Cd Johnson Amiral Johnson Amiral
Facebook: Johnson Amiral
Twitter; Amiral Johnson
Contraband HipHop USA
You can listen my tracks on Shaddy Radio Show on XSIRIUS SATELITE G-UNIT Radio Show .
You can watch Johnson Amiral on Hollyfield TV and Soul Central TV.
You can find me on Nbc, Abc CBS FOXX TOO.
don t forget we gonna @@@@ D Trump And Boris Johnson.
When The black population in this world will be ready for put them out side of this earth! but look in France they are not organize the black community is a fake here in France they do some bullshit and more bullshit WAKE UP !!!!!!
Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing more from you.


  1. I sign him this year because he a real humble dude and he is the Future of Hip Hop in France.
    his video is featured on Roku TV on a show called Hip hop Movement with Ronald Savage, he also on Firestick TV and the single on Sony Orchards records, shoutout to DJ Int Wig and Megatron Muzik Group LLC, FREE DOMO AND G.DEP
    google GET ON


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