Beyonces Family friend, Felicia Horowitz shares deeply moving photo and Footage from her Charity work in Kenya.

Felicia Horowitz has been away in Nairobi, Kenya doing nothing short than fabulous charity work. Tina Lawson, Mother to Grammy award winning sisters Beyonce and Solange shared the harrowing photo below on her Instagram of a child dragging a Machete in the mud.

(Instagram Felicia Horowitz)

Humanitarian Horowitz shared the innocent yet dark picture with the caption: “My last picture I took in Kenya: A kid walking around outside my hotel room, swinging a machete. The look in his eyes said so many things at once. What seals the deal is that his torn shirt reads “Pink Glitter Makes Me Smile.”

Mrs Lawson labelled Felicia her “Selfless friend”. She then went onto say “What a contrast! He is soo innocent but yet his young eyes have probably seen way too much! Please be grateful today for what we have , and share something good today with someone less fortunate than you”

The picture dipicts the reality these young children are faced with every day. A reality we wouldn’t wish upon any child.

Felicia also shared footage inside a Kenyan school scribbling beneath “Visiting the most beautiful girls in the world. Although they live in a slum the size of Central Park, these girls have found something deeper in themselves, that many spend a life-time searching for Shining Hope for Communities”

School life which is almost taken for granted here is an opportunity most could only wish for living in the African slums. Not every village has the privilege of an education. Nevertheless the children can be seen smiling and teaching us a thing or two despite their less fortunate life circumstances. A first hand look inside the Kenyan Education system shows us little improvements are in fact being made, restoring all hope we may have initially lost upon Mankind.

(Instagram Felicia Horowitz)

The Philanthropist also touched down in Uganda, sharing with us her fondest memory above “My first memory is of the journey to see the Abayudaya tribe in a place near Mbale, Uganda”

“You may be thinking: “What could possibly be her motivation for making that trip?” It starts with an ancient Chinese Proverb: “An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break.” What an incredibly inspirational woman!

Felicia also hosted the highly anticipated pro Black James Baldwins “I Am not your Negro” documentary screening last month in San Francisco, Tina Lawson also attended.

(Instagram Felicia Horowitz)

“If you live your life with kindness and giving other people great energy, that beauty and great energy comes back to you” ~Beyoncé

Beyonce and her family continuously help the less fortunate, however, they are not ones to boast. The multi millionaire is responsible for helping homeless families after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005. Beyonce, 35, also set up The Survivor Foundation with band member Kelly Rowland.

Felicia surrounds herself with kind and selfless people like herself which allows her positivity to continue. It doesn’t start with her friends, the generous attitude flows through her families veins too. Mrs Horowitz is Married to Ben Horowitz who helps Stanford Hospital and the Jewish Community to name a few. Along with his business partners Ben, 50, also gives half of all his earnings to Charity. What a great family!

(Instagram Felicia Horowitz)

Felicia Horowitz has some fantastic star gazing Instagram pictures. There isn’t a face you won’t recognise, everyone from the likes of Tennis Pro Serena Williams to Songstress Alicia Keys. Above Felicia is standing firm besides Malala, the young woman who fought for each girls rights for an education even after being shot at 15 by the Taliban in 2012.

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