Beyond the Enchanted: ever after (Escape from the Darkness into the Enchanted) (Volume 1) Paperback – by Cheryl Jacobs (Author), Carla Wynn Hall (Editor)

Beyond the Enchanted is Cheryl Jacob’s 2nd published book. A series of journal entries of thoughts as she is learning how to become a better business owner, while expanding her flight experience and speaking voice, this book shows you that no matter where you come from, you can do and be anything you want to become. Cheryl Jacobs is a #1 Bestselling Author and Co-Author who has spent her entire life, growing from a young mother who encountered many unique life lessons on her journey, to a highly successful business coach and professional pilot. Her first book “Out of the Darkness into the Enchanted” detailed her journey from finding herself a single mom, to creating multiple business brands including “Kid’s Party Characters”, a highly successful business that brings happiness and joy to children, and her actors are all passionate about what they do as well.

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Cheryl is the Owner of Kid’s Party Characters and her national company is now hosting parties for kids all over the USA. Cheryl is also a lover of the flight and has her license to fly!

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Best Selling Author
Toastmasters Speaker
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