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Onyx teams up with Ninety Now to honor Jam Master Jay with a new video

Onyx are releasing a video to honor the late great Jam Master Jay. The video is available @ YouTube.com/PeteSpray. January 21st would have been Jam Master Jay’s 56th birthday. It’s a video to one of their classic songs, Stik 'N' Muve, the actual track that got Onyx signed to Def Jam, when they passed it as a demo to Jam Master Jay....

International Recording Artist Jessie Tylre Williams

International Recording Artist Jessie Tylre Williams is a high-powered and compelling Singer/Songwriter who is full of passion and drive. Originally from Manitoba, Jessie followed a gypsy lifestyle of movement from a young age and turned to music as a way of grounding herself. Now calling Alberta home, she continues as a passionate singer and songwriter preaching the potential of sound...

Soul Central Magazine – Faces of Rap Mothers #Special #Edition #108

This month we have another Special Edition from our global community. 👉 Go Global or Stay Local Read For FREE Below: >>   Or click here and buy a print copy and support real publications.   FOR VIDEO AND MAGAZINE PLACEMENT SEE INFO HERE >> https://www.soulcentralmagazine.com/category/submissions/#.XXrUDGZ7mUk We are Soul central magazine / tv /radio based in London