Born to Lead! Healthcare Transformation Expert -Dr Michaelene Holder-March

London, United Kingdom Dec 6, 2021  – Introducing Dr (h.c.) Michaelelene Holder-March, who is originally from the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago, is a British national who is a globally recognised and respected healthcare transformation expert.

Dr. (h.c.)Holder-March strongly believes in multi-dimensional learning, hence her academic and professional achievements are extremely diverse. To date, her professional profile and affiliations include teaching, nursing, midwifery, law, health records and leadership development. She currently holds various fellowships with the following institutes: Chartered Management, Administrative Management, and Leadership Management. She is also an Associate of the Royal Society of Medicine, Forbes Executive Coach, UK NHS Digital Clinical Safety (CB 0129 and DCB 0160) Risk Reviewer, UK Care Quality Commission Specialist Adviser, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence -Contributor, Antimicrobial Resistance Stewardship Ambassador, Contributor to the Global Opioid Patient Safety Network, and was recently appointed as Country Chief Data Officer Ambassador for CDO.  Previously named as one of the top 100 “most influential black people in Britain and had received one of the WinTrade President Awards.

As the Founder and CEO of MHM Health Consultancy and MHM Business Solutions, her experience, expertise, and knowledge enable the implementation of bite-sized strategic and operational solutions. Whether it is data management, eHealth, leadership, service delivery, clinical research from diverse communities, performance indicators, change processes, and organisational behaviour and development, MHM Health Consultancy and MHM Business Solutions are qualified to deal with any healthcare organisational issues.

MHM Brand has offered healthcare and business consultancy services to many private and public health providers, including primary, acute, secondary, and voluntary healthcare providers. The long-arm approach for the MHM brand extended to noted contributions to the implementation and rollout of electronic health records in many hospitals, which meant liaising directly with many digital providers (Cerner, Badgernet, Fujitsu, British Telecom, CSC, Big-hand, Euro-King), etc.  The Leaders in Health and Tech Conference/ Awards which was recently held in Accra Ghana has strengthened MHM’s global brand in market leadership in collaborating with international experts on emerging health innovations, clinical services and health technologies.

There is no doubt Michaelene was “Born to Lead” by empowering the unskilled and encouraging the younger generations to be innovative in their career paths and participate in the rapid advancement of data security and information technology. There is no stopping Michaelene Holder-March. Her pursuant for equality, equity, and reform in healthcare resulted in the founding of the BAME Health Collaborative Charity, which aims to address the inequalities in healthcare treatment and delivery.

Her favourite quote is: “When it is obvious that goals can’t be reached, don’t adjust the goals, but adjust the action steps.” Confucius

Here is a summary of Dr Michaelene Holder-March’s bio:


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