Breaking News: Uganda regime in turmoil READ MORE!

Uganda in turmoil due to the dissapearance of Bobbi Wine Red


This is Very Real, Graphic, Breaking News from My Ambassador Friend Marvin Fawty Tew from Uganda Africa, I just got off WhatsApp with Him and he asked me to help get this Story Out so I am….

“The Root cause of it (Rioting) is Bobi Wine went to Arua Northern Part of Uganda to campaign for his friend Mr. Wadri so on that very night bullets started and leaving, Bobi Wine’s driver shot dead so SFC soldiers broke into Bobi hotel room told him to kneel down, hands up then Bobi asked them what is the problem they instead kicked , beat, and boxed him with no reason so he was taken from Arua to Gulu Military Barracks then later to Makindye Barracks.

So the reason as to why Ugandans are rioting is that Bobi Wine’s freedom was destroyed, no access to his lawyers, family members, doctors, nor press to capture photos of him (For Proof of Life).”

The Reason This is So Serious is because Journalists are being Beaten to near death, cameras confiscated, and they are being imprisoned and Beaten, they have lost their FREEDOM DUE TO REPORTING ON THE TRUTH! The way they are handling members of Parliament is the same way, they do not want this to be reported to the world. Marvin is been currently inside and can not go outside and has not eaten in two days.

So Ugandans want to see him , because he was beaten and from inside sources information it’s told that his face is swollen, can’t see very well ,
the government is fearing to show him to the public worrying to what may happen so the riots went to different parts of the country we’re Ugandans are. The picture of a Memeber of Parliament with a Camera his name is Hon Zaake.

If I tagged you it is because I thought you work for a news outlet and can help, if you want me to remove you just private message me.

Provided by Marvin Fawty Tew


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