Cali Fae Ft [email protected] Im`a Show you what the Hustle did #TrendingToday

WORLD PREMIERE: Cali Fae Ft [email protected] Im`a Show you what the Hustle did #TrendingToday

Upcoming Super Author, singer, songwriter, director, producer, and executive director for a music video called, Im’a Show you what the hustle did by author Tianna Jones, artist name Cali Fae. Originally from California and relocated to Detroit Michigan in 2009. This 28-year-old woman is inspirational to many people Worldwide.
You can follow her on facebook at Cali Girl how did you make it in the treacherous streets of Detroit. That is also the name of Miss Jones’s new autobiography out now, in Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iTunes, and more platforms.
Her new single called, Im’a show you what the hustle did is very inspirational to many in different communities and parts of the world who struggle with similarities.
The hot new single and music video captures peoples attention to overcome life circumstances for a view of a better life by utilizing the fact God is real and by having faith you will achieve your goals and dreams.
If you would like to follow this young lady go to her YouTube channel Cali Fae

Soon Available on all digital platforms:





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