Cara Delevingne announced her Debut Novel Mirror Mirror will be available this October and has been a life changing experience.

Cara, 24, who is the Goddaughter of Damn Joan Collins shared the exciting news on her Instagram adding:

“Another pinch me moment!! Announcing my first novel Mirror, Mirror, coming out this October! SO EXCITED !!! Mirror, Mirror is a twisty coming-of-age story about sixteen year old friends Red, Leo, Naima and Rose who are all trying to figure out who they are and navigate the minefield of school and relationships. Until it all changes one day… (que scary music 😵) I love these characters so much, I love what they stand for, what this story represents. The process of putting this novel together has been life changing and something I hold really close to my heart!! I cannot wait to share with everyone! You can pre-order Mirror, Mirror now by clicking on the link in my bio… lets start one big virtual book club!!! Cause I want us to talk about this time in life, self discovery, friendship, pain, triumph!! Being a teenager!! The experiences that shape YOU! #Mirrormirror “

Posting a cleverly angled picture by a mirror holding the Mirror Mirror manuscript intentionally giving us double vision.

Originally a Model, Cara has shown us from day one that she cannot be caged. Already she has flourished within Acting, starring in the twisted 2016 Movie Suicide Squad along side Jared Leto and the 2015 Film Paper Towns.

Is there anything this girl cannot do? The answer is no, so say hello to Cara the Author.

Fans began immediately pre ordering their copies of Mirror Mirror and flooded Miss Delevingne’s comments with declarations of support.

Fans splashed juicy knowledge about the up and coming Book that we all simply need to know. After sceptical Fans quizzed “Did you write this?” Fans elaborated that Mirror Mirror had in fact been penned by Cara and co written by Rowan Coleman (The Accidental Mother, A Woman walks into a Bar) and Caroline Upcher (The Boathouse, Within a Whisper).

What’s next for Miss Delevingne? The Mirror Mirror Movie perhaps?

(Image rights: Instagram Caradelevingne)

Chemelle Rice