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Jackie Chan Live with Soul Central Magazine An Evening with Jackie Chan’s Exhibit “Green Hero” #Conference Jackie Chan is legendary Martial Artist and...

“The Martin Luther King March” is THE Official Anthem for MLK Celebrations!

"THE MARTIN LUTHER KING MARCH" is a powerful new musical tribute to the man known around the world as "The Drum Major For...

Shen Yun 2019 Official Trailer

The first look at Shen Yun 2019! The classical Chinese dance and live orchestra that audiences around the world have fallen in love...

Jackie Chan: 1 of our UNSUNG HEROES for Humanity

Through the years many have brought a smile to our faces, But 1 man that fits this is the legendary Jackie Chan.

Shufai’s story

Shufai is a young, western lowland gorilla, one of the many victims of the illegal bushmeat trade in Cameroon. He was so...