Fugitive gang member nabbed after his tattoos go viral

BANGKOK — Thai police said they have arrested a 74-year-old fugitive Japanese gang member who was recognized when photos of his full-body tattoos...

Turkey 'summons top US diplomat' over Syria Kurd forces

Charge d'Affaires Philip Kosnett was summoned over Turkey's unhappiness with the US arming of Kurdish fighters in Syria. Source link

Jose Filomeno dos Santos sacked from Angola's $5bn wealth fund

José Filomeno dos Santos is removed from the country's $5bn wealth fund after a governance review. Source link

Dalit protests: How Mumbai was shut down

Alleged anti-Dalit violence in Bhima-Koregaon sets off series of protests in India's financial hub. Source link

Suspected robber’s dumb Snapchat video lands him in jail

A Texas man was arrested for a pair of robberies after a video surfaced on Snapchat of him firing a gun out the...

Europe stumbles forward in search for migration policy

Competing visions of the future of EU immigration policy are straining relations between countries. Source link