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Saudi footballers shun media due to Qatar news channels

Saudi players and officials refuse to talk to journalists in Kuwait due to presence of Qatari media at press briefing. Source link

Overdoses cut US life expectancy for second straight year

U.S. deaths from drug overdoses skyrocketed 21 percent last year, and for the second straight year dragged down how long Americans are expected...

Has the Yemen campaign achieved its goals?

Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners launched a military campaign in the Arab world's poorest country in March 2015. Source link

Uganda MPs vote to scrap presidential age limit

The vote means 73-year-old President Yoweri Museveni can seek re-election for a sixth term in 2021. Source link

1,000 days of war in Yemen, 'land of blood and bombs'

Yemenis despair of unending death and destruction as their country continues to be embroiled in a regional proxy war. Source link

Vandals destroy dinosaur footprint at national park

It’s a crime of prehistoric proportions. Brazen vandals chipped away at a 115-million-year old dinosaur footprint in an Australian national park, officials said Wednesday. “It...

EU plans to restrict export of 'dual-use' spy tech

Changes will increase transparency around the export of technologies used for both civil and military purposes. Source link