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South Africa's ANC picks Cyril Ramaphosa as leader

After a bruising battle, the ANC veteran is chosen to succeed Jacob Zuma to lead the party. Source link

Sioux leader: Trump is the new face of US exploitation

Former chairman of Standing Rock Sioux tribe says the US has a '200-year policy of exploiting Native American people'. Source link

Autopsies cast more mystery on deaths of billionaire and wife

Homicide detectives in Toronto have taken over the investigation into the deaths of pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife after autopsies revealed...

Chile election: Sebastian Pinera projected to win

Conservative former president to take a clear victory in Chile's presidential election run-off. Source link

South Africa's ANC party to vote for new leader

Emotions run high as South Africa's governing ANC party selects a leader to succeed Jacob Zuma. Source link

Doug Jones: Trump sex harassment allegations aren’t a real issue

WASHINGTON – Senator-elect Doug Jones is already breaking with some prominent Democrats by refusing to call for President Trump to step down over...

Pakistan: Quetta church hit in suicide attack

Dozens also wounded after attackers target church packed with worshippers attending a Sunday midday service. Source link