Airline crew says they witnessed North Korea’s latest missile test up close

A Cathay Pacific flight crew reported seeing North Korea’s latest missile test “blow up and fall apart” while en route from San Francisco...

Iran: Chabahar Port promise and nuclear deal threat

New Iranian port eases India trade into Afghanistan and benefits the economy as US nuclear-deal opposition looms large. Source link

Former Egyptian PM gives TV interview, denying he was kidnapped

The family of Ahmed Shafiq had voiced fears he was kidnapped after returning to Cairo. Source link

Muhammad bin Kushner, Jared bin Salman, Daffy Duck & Co

Muhammad bin Salman, Jared Kushner and Thomas Friedman are all integral to a bad cartoon show we are forced to watch. Source link

Trump says he never asked Comey to stop Flynn probe

President Trump in a series of tweets early Sunday continued to rail on the Russian probe, defending his firing of former national security...

Thousands rally in Hanover against anti-Islam AfD party

German anti-migrant AfD party elects its new leadership as protesters march against its existence. Source link