Cop probed for vile slur aimed at Black Lives Matter leader


A police officer in Atlanta is being investigated after video surfaced apparently showing him hurling homophobic and racist slurs at the president of the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, calling him a “f—-t-ass n—a.”

The 2-minute video, which was recorded on Jan. 26, shows Black Lives Matter leader Sir Maejor Page approaching a plainclothes officer to ask if he currently works for the Atlanta Police Department. The unidentified officer quickly replies, telling Page he’s not interested in talking while hurling multiple slurs at him.

“Man, get the f-ck away from me,” the officer says on the video.

“You said ‘get the f-ck away from you,’ is that how you talk to citizens?” Page replies.

“F—-t-ass n—a, get the f-ck away from me,” the officer continues before calmly walking away.

“You called me a f—-t-ass n—a and you work for APD talking like that?” Page said. “I bet you won’t have a job tomorrow … I bet you he won’t have a job tomorrow. He works for APD and he called me a f—-t-ass n—-a?”

Page, who earlier called police to report two illegally parked cars that were blocking traffic, then tried to explain the situation to at least two other uniformed officers who were nearby. They declined to help Page or to identify the officer, according to the video.

In a telephone interview on Wednesday, Page, 29, said he believes the officer made an assumption about his appearance based on how he was dressed that evening, clad in a blazer, white dress shirt, with straight-leg jeans and a “sparkly shoes” that can be briefly spotted as the video begins.

“It was because of how I was dressed,” Page told The Post. “I’ve never had an officer say anything like this to my face ever before. Who’s bold enough to say something like this to your face?”

Page said he doesn’t think the officer recognized him as the president of the Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, but he can’t be sure.

“I’m not one of those citizens who will roll over,” Page continued. “He’s obviously used to talking to people like that and people not doing anything about it. I wonder how he talks to gay folks and transgender people?”

Page said police officials have yet to contact him despite filing a formal complaint with the department.

In a statement to The Post, a police spokeswoman confirmed that the man depicted in the video is an officer for the Atlanta Police Department and that an investigation by the department’s Office of Professional Standards has been launched.

Officer Lisa Bender, a police spokeswoman, declined to immediately identify the officer or to indicate how he’s worked for the department. She also did not answer whether the officer remained on active duty as of Wednesday.


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