Detroit Hot Radio 13th Sept 2019 Showcase – Update

Be featured in an issue of the #largest #urban #magazine in the #UK 🇬🇧 #SoulCentralMagazine. Go global 🌍 or stay local!!! For more info Contact [email protected] Thank you And Go Global or Stay Local

On 14th of Sept we celebrated these Local Artists of Detroit who have put in the hard work, the sweat and equity into creating their Music. Our organization works with the artists by providing them with free radio-play. Each year, those top Local Artists whose music has shown exceptional response on our weekly top ten song chart throughout each year are selected to showcase their talent. This year we honored six local artists that are within the R&B, Hip-Hop, and Dance genres. Detroit Hot Radio awarded each of these artists for their outstanding accomplishments in the music industry.

Also as an additional rewarding opportunity each artist were running for a grand prize offered by Soul Central Magazine based n London and The Disc Ltd. Recording Studio in courtesy of Detroit Hot Radio that was determined by a panel of four judges.

The building wasnt packed out but the band of people that were their made it a truly memorable day to rememeber. We will be back in Detroit real soon.

We all would like to thank the Amazing work, time and effort from the Detroit Hot Radio Family especialy Mr T Pablo and Andrea Lb for making this event happen and bring together a great group of people together for a fantastic cause GO GLOBAL OR STAY LOCAL


DetroitHotRadio.Com started in 2014 under the operation of Accurate Advertising. DetroitHotRadio.Com has grown over the years with the start of their first showcase in 2017. Our current listenership contains over 44 countries with 1150-2000 TLH or more monthly.

DetroitHotRadio.Com believes in those artists who work hard and put in the time and effort into the great craft of making music. We know majority of our artists within Detroit are usually not recognized so we here at DetroitHotRadio.Com gives them that opportunity to be heard and be rewarded.


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