DJ Yaya winner of the 2017 Diamond Award

About. DJ Yaya is a 22-year-old DJ playing a huge role in resurrecting the female dominance in the disc jockey community. Beginning her journey In Jacksonville Florida in the music industry as a proclaimed DJ. Yaya has earned her credibility by DJing at many of Jacksonville Elite Nightclub’s from Pure to Suite, Vibe, Whispers and many more. Diverse in Every Aspect there is no event nor crowd that DJ Yaya cannot rock out or cater to.

Yaya has made her way on air having her mixes ran on air via Power 106.1 Mixx Factory where the entire city was able to tune into her ride outs. Not only does she DJ her unique look and style has attracted the eyes of many, she models hair and Fashion. Yaya has continuously grown to be one of the most respected DJs in Jacksonville evident so by winning the 2017 Diamond Award For Female DJ of the Year.

You can follow her on  @ DJ Yaya.

Brough to us by

Andrea Talent Management


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