Escape From the Darkness Into the Enchanted: Autobiography of Cheryl Jacobs Kindle Edition

Cheryl Jacobs had a normal childhood, for the most part. Her journey from the Darkness to Enchantment is about her time as a fashion model, dancer and actor and how she was able to finally find her dream career doing kid’s parties. As a young mother, Cheryl made some mistakes but changed them around. Her beauty and intelligence took her on great adventures. Learn about her relationships strategies and how she now runs multiple business with huge success.

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Cheryl is the Owner of Kid’s Party Characters and her national company is now hosting parties for kids all over the USA. Cheryl is also a lover of the flight and has her license to fly!

Cheryl Jacobs KidsPartyPlanner
📚Best Selling Author
🎤Toastmasters Speaker
👩🏼‍🏫TonyRobbins BM&DWD


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