Ex-shelter volunteer fesses up to nabbing dog before adoption


A former volunteer at a New Jersey animal shelter owned up to stealing an adorable Pomeranian, which a local family was set to adopt on Christmas Eve, authorities said.

Former Monmouth County SPCA shelter volunteer Susan Bajew, 63, was arrested Wednesday and said she swiped 9-year-old Tub-Tub because she didn’t have enough money to adopt him, Eatontown Police said.

Dominique Searight, 24, had been looking forward to bringing home the cute pup as a Christmas present for her 5-year-old twins Sunday, when workers at the shelter told her the dog was missing.

“I felt like they were lying, it just sounded crazy,” she told The Post on Thursday morning. “It just sounded too weird.”

After weeks of searching, she felt like she had finally found the perfect pet.

Eatontown Police Department

“I stumbled on him and I really connected with him,” she said of the tawny-colored ball of fur.

The nurse’s assistant said her girls were devastated when the Pom went missing.

“When I didn’t come back with him they were crushed,” she said.

The pup was returned unharmed to the shelter on Wednesday.

Shelter workers have told Searight that Tub-Tub is safe and she’s just waiting to hear about when she can finally go pick him up – for real this time, she said.

“I’m very happy,” she said. “I haven’t told the girls yet because I’m just waiting till I have him in my possession.”


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