As you already know, 2017 is all about the Queen B and her Twins. What else could possible be more important?

If you are an avid Instagram checker for her new snaps then you’d be happy to know you can catch more of Beyonce and her bump via her official website She’s a little bit more generous here….. 

The Carter-Knowles’ hit the Beauty and the Beast premier in LA looking nothing less than expensive. It’s reported Blue Ivy’s dress cost over $20,000. That’s pocket change to this billion dollar couple!

Beyonce is wearing a gorgeous Emerald Shade gown from Gucci. 

Beyonces choice of recent dresses have the world speculating baby names. She’s been wearing lots of Reds and Greens, but, would she really go there?

You can place a bet if you’d like, so far it’s a reported 25-1 at your bookies that she will call one of her twins Emerald. Red is on the top spot too.

Check out her three dots Tattoo (we think) on her wedding finger clearly representing how many babies she now has. 

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Chemelle Rice