“Family of Indians” By: Clarence Gonzales

As the world continues to turn and rebuild the economy.  Our world as we knew it in my opinion has ended. The times of a simple life has been completely compromised.  Our governments, handing out funds to the people to put money back into our economy.

Our people went through a hard time when the calvary taimed the south west Indians.  Putting our ancestors in concentration camps. One of our tribal leaders of whom led a band of Hualapai’s in the modern day- Kingman, AZ area, fought to the end of the hualapai wars. In the late 1800’s they put our ancestors in a concentration camp called “ft Beele” Then, a year later marched our ancestors to La Paz of which is modern day Poston, AZ. Our ancestors escaped and ran towards California and the people that stayed were marched back home. Many were murdered including children and women. Eventually, they put us on executive order.

An elder once told me that our world has ended three times before. By Lava eruption,  by ice age and by water flood. Our tribal creation story starts by the earth was  covered with water. The elder mentioned that this time the world would end by air. Our world as we knew it, ended with co vid. A man made bacteria, that is my opinion.

When I was young they taught us our language in school, although I never been a fluent speaker. We were Taught about the plants and animals. Our elders, taught us about the land and now that I’m older I appreciate what our elders taught us. I remember the late Victor Mahone and Sonny (Havatone) Bono. Two gentleman that used to sing for us. Circle dance was with the drum and we only seen the the old sacred gourd at wakes and memorials. In those days it wasn’t a place for children. One thing I remember still is they used to hit four times before they spun the gourd. Now, today the song is fast, but life is fast.

Life, can have so many paths; good and bad. A prior conversation with my auntie Cheryl Beecher verified a list of questions I had on my mind. We talked about how coyote was always into mischief. A question that was on her mind was, who was wolf and how he came to be. She says wolf was a stand up man, a good man. In a vision I seen a few years back, I seen a pack of black wolves. There was knowledge in that conversation with
Auntie Cheryl. I’m proud to say my family is – A family of Indians, that were and are great people, as is, our yuman people and ancestors.

I understand, the Bible talks about life, the bad things about life. About prostitutes, murderers and sick people. How they were healed by our creator. I understand, that you heal the spirit by sending the spirits that can attach to our physical selves.  I understand, the battery that makes our shells move is a gift from our creator. Life is a gift and our younger generation has to learn morals, the value of a dollar and  meaning of respect.

Frasier wells, was the heart of Hualapai nation. My mom talks about how they traveled by horse and wagon from Mohawk canyon. My cousin Bennett, caught up with me at a breakfast joint in Kingman, AZ. He was fascinated about wagon parts found at the river part of Mohawk canyon. I’m thinking it was the family’s Wagon. But, that is only my opinion and not facts. My uncle Paul Honga, talks about how grandfather left and was gone for days, on horseback. The horse returned a few days after without grandfather. Eventually, he returned walking up from the canyon.  He says with laughter, that grandfather pulled a gold nugget out his pocket. One day while driving, my grandmother Rhoda, to Grand Canyon West. She talked about how her father was a Rancher. Like, my  mom says “simple man”. How he would slaughter a steer when the people needed food going through the depression in those days. Probably similar to what our world is going through now.

It is understood that our people, were nomadic and wanderers. That our land was once filled with treasures; turquoise, gold and salt. Minerals that the old people never touched because they knew the bad that would come about. Till one day it was exposed.

The column,” Family of Indians”, is short stories of families or elders that want to share their stories of their childhood, bloodline or tribe. For their younger generation to read and be informed about who their family or people was or is. We understand our Indian people were humble people. But, the people went through a time of trials and tribulation when the settlers moved into Indian country.

The question is what has become of the world and life as our ancestors knew it. By telling child hood stories sharing that memory may help us to see the difference of life then, and life in today’s world.  Something to think about.

Dedicated to the greatest (Flora Selana/ mom) & family..!

“Family of Indians”

By: Clarence Gonzales (RezconnectEnt & Promotions / Rezervation Bosses).

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