Fantasy Fingers | Dytto | Finger Tutting Dance @iam_dytto

Hey loves! As always, when I dance to my favorite song, I can never help but to want to make a concept video for it. This is definitely a little different than what I know you all usually see of me, but I love that I was able to incoorperate modeling, fashion, and dancing all into one video, so I hope you all love it as much as I do. All my love, xoxoxo

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Hey there, I’m Dytto, the dancer, model, and host with the big curly hair!
The earth is my playground and i want to invite you into my world.
While everyone is focused on what night clubs or what they are getting into this weekend
I’m focused on creating a legacy and a dynasty that will last for a lifetime.

My story starts in South Florida. It seems like I have been training my whole life. It started when I was 2 1/2, with gymnastics. I began competing in this craft at the age of 3. Years went by, I found a love and passion for dancing, and now I am six years into my dance career, in Los Angeles, living my dreams.


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