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Five Wives Vodka, created by Ogden’s Own Distillery, is column distilled from corn and filtered multiple times through active carbon. Five Wives is then blended with spring water from Ogden Canyon in Ogden, UT. 40% Alcohol by volume (80 proof).

After creating the award winning Underground Herbal Spirit, Timothy Smith set about making a vodka that highlights the crisp, clean Wasatch Range Mountain spring water. Five Wives vodka is the result.

With a flavor that rivals the high-end brands at a much lower price, Five Wives Vodka has become the latest hit. The name originates from the colorful history of the Ogden area. Ask a local, it’s just another one of the great things to discover about Ogden!

Please ask your liquor store to stock Five Wives Vodka.

Ogden’s Own Distillery specializes in high-quality spirits, inspired by the rich history of the American West. Located at 3075 Grant Ave. in Ogden, UT.

Call +1 801-458-1995



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