Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher to return as Sky Sports pundit this season after spitting warning


The former Liverpool defender has been suspended from his TV since March, when he spat at a man and daughter from his car window

Jamie Carragher is due to return to his role as a Sky Sports pundit for the upcoming season, five months after his spitting shame.

The former Liverpool defender is said to have convinced the broadcaster he would be able to resist future provocation before they sanctioned his return to the studio.

Carragher has been suspended from his role since March when he spat from his car window at a 14-year-old girl and her father, who had been taunting him about Manchester United’s earlier victory over Liverpool.

The incident caused a huge storm, with calls for Sky to sack the former England international from his rumoured £1million-a-year role.

Carragher was quick to apologise for the incident and appeared to be truly sorry for his actions, which he described it as a ‘moment of madness’.

Sky Sports said that he had fallen ‘well below the standards we expect’ but did not give the Monday Night Football pundit the boot.

Carragher hosted Monday Night Football alongside Gary Neville on Sky Sports

Carragher hosted Monday Night Football alongside Gary Neville on Sky Sports

The Anfield legend recently met Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis to discuss his future with the organisation, and after demonstrating the extent of his regret it was agreed he would return to his role next month.

The Premier League season starts on August 11, when Carragher can expect his return to punditry to lead to further criticism via social media.

A spokesman for the organisation told Press Association Sport on Tuesday: “We’ve spoken to Jamie and reminded him of the standards we expect at Sky Sports.

“He has shown remorse, is hugely apologetic for the offence he caused and has taken the appropriate steps to make sure that the incident will not be repeated.”

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