Founder of Soul Central Magazine makes it on the Ezway Wall of Fame in California

Soul Central Magazine added tohe EZWAY HALL OF FAME in the USA. Go here >

With the global growth of Soul Central Magaine and global community media network, The hard work hast gone unoticed overseas. Recently the founder of soul central magazine was added to the Ezway Wall of fame which is owned by Southern Cal Orange County born Eric Zuley 1 of the top influencers across the globe.

What is remarkable is Sophia Stewart, The lady known for creating and owning the Matrix and Terminator franchise was also added to the Wall of Fame. This is truly a remarkable moment in history for both to be recognised.

Thank you to the Ezway Fam and Founder Eric Zuley

Read about Eric Zuley in one of our last publications Here … >>

Read about Sophia Stewart in one of our last publications Here … >>



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