General Advertising / Discounts Information

General Advertising Information
How much does advertising cost?

Our rates vary based on what size advert you need, how long you book for, and whether or not you need a premium page. So we ask you to contact us and we’ll contact you back to discuss your advertising requirements. By understanding a little about your aims for your business we can make a recommendation on an advertising option for you and also let you know about any special offers we have running. To find out more submit your query on the ‘Rate Card‘ page.


Agency Discounts: 15% commission to recognized agencies if final art (electronic file) is supplied.

Nonprofit Discounts: 20% discount.
Booking Deadlines

Usually the 10th of each month, however this can vary, please contact us for more details.
Copy Deadlines

If you need us to design your advert we will need your instructions by the 10th of each month, however this can vary. We would appreciate copy details for adverts to be designed as soon as possible to ensure that your adverts are proofed and that you are 100% satisfied.

However if you have your own ready to print artwork (correct sizes and high resolution) the deadline is the 14th of each month.

Payment Terms:

Marketplace, Online and all first-time advertisers must pre-pay via Bank or paypal invoice. Advertising agencies are responsible for payment for all advertising ordered for their clients.

Invoices are issued monthly and will require pre-payment.

Payment Plans available:

Material Requirements & Printing Specifications: please contact the Advertising Department.

Contracts/Material Due Dates: Complete space reservation and material due dates are available on our website or by contacting our Ambassadors.
Technical Information

If you are producing your own artwork, these are the details you will need.

Advert sizes

Full page + bleed = (B5 + 3mm bleed) 251mm tall by 176mm wide
Full page without bleed = 218mm tall by 140mm wide
Half page = 106mm tall by 140mm wide
Quarter page = 106mm tall by 67mm wide
Eighth page = 50mm tall by 67mm wide
Tenth page = 40mm tall by 67mm wide
Holiday Home = 106mm tall by 44mm wide

(more sizes available)

Accepted formats

We can accept complete artwork supplied by email or on CD as a high resolution (300dpi) PDF, JPEG or TIFF in CMYK. We can also provide a complete design service for you from as little as £15.

E-mail: It is the sole responsibility of the advertiser to supply new creative prior to an issue’s deadline. Soul Central Magazine is not responsible for incorrect or out-dated material published as part of an advertiser’s contracted schedule.’
For all advertising enquiries please email : or or call us at
Wats App 01 44 07903 674 590 | Mr Mark Rowe |

We look forward to working with you.



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