Geraldine Hughes speaks about the 1993 Michael Jackson Accusations Case

Geraldine Hughes,former secreatry of accuser Chandler´s attorney talks about the case and that it was all about money! More information can be found in her book “REDEMPTION”


  1. Thank you guys so much for standing up for the truth. Geraldine Hughes knows her stuff because she was there and witnessed first hand that this whole thing was a calculated money-grab.

    MJ gets falsely accused in the lamestream media because he is so great. This world doesn’t like truth and light and will attack it to keep it hidden from reaching others and changing and saving lives.

    Michael Jackson is the GREATEST ever! His hero was Jesus Christ and just like Jesus was smeared and defamed so too they try to do the same to MJ.

    They Don’t Care About Us!

    Thank you Soul Central Magazine for standing up for the truth!

    • Thank you Timothy. We need to start doing right by those that cant speak for themselves.
      We appreciate your kind words of support.


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