Get Unstuck & Live The Life You Deserve – WorkShop – JAN 16th

As we stand at the dawn of the new year and most importantly the new decade, there has never been a more powerful and potent time for our own personal change than now.

It is time to leave the past behind and unlock the door to the life and experiences that you desire – are you ready?

Join personal development expert and success coach Maria K for this exclusive appearance in London, England where she will bring to life the stories and teachings from her book ‘I AM UpGrading’.

The book, which has been dubbed ‘the transformation bible’, is an honest and realistic guide to self-improvement, empowerment, success, freedom and happiness and uses the backdrop of her and her client’s real-life stories to showcase Maria’s tried and tested methods and systems.

British-born Cypriot Maria K splits her time between Goa, India and the UK. She is busy helping people around the world UpGrade their lives both in person and online, through coaching, speaking, teaching, and consulting.

There has never been a better time to set forth your dreams, focus on your desires and tend to your inner most visions.

2020 really is the year of UpRising!

Allow Maria to guide and support you – giving you a leg up safely, securely and blissfully into your own unique 2020 UpGrade.

About the book

Maria K had a crucial decision to make when her life hit rock bottom; not only for herself, but also for her children. She took a leap of faith, following her instincts and the universe’s powerful promptings as she embarked on an adventure that took her all the way to India.

Maria’s teachings are profound and practical, and she is living proof that they work. Her story will challenge and inspire you to transform your life one day at a time. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your health, career, finances, or relationships, I am UpGrading is the book for you.

The wisdom contained in these pages will change your life, just as it changed Maria’s. You will finally understand what you want from life, why you want it and – most importantly – how to make it happen. Read it and kick-start your own UpGrade journey today!

To secure your seat purchase your ticket here for Twelve Pounds or Fifteen on the Door :


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