Gospel Artist Tony Taylor meets DeVon Franklin, at the #BETExperience

Gospel Artist Tony Taylor meets DeVon Franklin, Hollywood Producer, best selling author, renowned preacher and motivational speaker at the #BETExperience

It was fun recently hosting at a private Royal event in #Hollywood!! See and learn more about it my social medias!! Meanwhile here’s another answered prayer 🙏 During #BETExperience I met DeVon Franklin an Hollywood Producer, best selling author, renowned preacher and motivational speaker.

Everyone keep in mind that in Life timing is everything!!

Devon is truly an inspiration and one that has a determination to help make a difference with the statistics of men which Ill share more on later! As I walked into the Los Angeles Convention Center It was at the right time !! He was in the midst of the hundreds and I clearly saw Devon as he was about to make way to the stage!As I approached him he was so Cool, Calm and Collect! I asked him did he speak yet and can I get a pic with him. He respectfully said not yet but Im about to, so let’s get it going!! Of course Im excited !! I had tried several times previously to meet him but the timing wasn’t right!! Yesterday after praying stepping out in faith I sensed differently!

Bam here it is an Awesome experience 👍 Thank you @devonfranklin it was a Divine moment Indeed 😁 BET weekend is ending and I know you and Megan are very busy so I didn’t have time to share with you what is on my heart as we met briefly!!

We know these are hard trying times but faith makes the difference as the bible says the just shall live by faith!! I strongly believe that you are the person to help me take it to the next level this message of faith in film and in music! It is with my first hit song titled He’s faithful that recently made me #TopGospelArtist of the year 2019!

This happened by SOUL Central Awards International showcase with #Ceo Mark Rowe The 2nd thing is with my short film titled There’s Someone Bigger Than You! A great topic against bullying on people’s faith in God Jesus Christ!! At your convenience and at the right time Im looking forward to hear from you!
More details are in your Instagram inbox/ email! (tony.taylor37@yahoo.com) I Here’s a saying from Devon! In order to get to your future you have to let go of your past!!
What are you holding on to?





  1. It was totally awesome 👍 Thank you Mark Rowe for sharing this and putting this together so nicely!! God bless you always 🙏

  2. Keep Rocking Mark Rowe, let’s keep going Global !! Please blast this post again all over as you can! I believe something big going to happen for all of us!?

  3. Thank you Devon Franklin for being who you are!! One bold and not ashamed to be God’s Ambassador!! Keep Rocking 💪!! Im more blessed and happy that we finally met! Timing is everything!! It was a Divine moment which I believe will lead into a brotherly friendship thru out eternity!! Looking forward to hear from you especially on taking things to the next level with my song He’s Faithful and short film There’s Someone Bigger Than You!! Lives will be changed because God’s Anointing is on it !! Hallelujah 🙌 Thank you Father God! You’re Faithful!!


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