‘He’s actually an adult male by the way!’

talkSPORT’s Adrian Durham gave his views on the Dele Alli hand challenge which has taken social media by storm.

It all started during Tottenham’s victory over Newcastle when Alli scored Spurs’ winning goal and the England international did a bizarre celebration which got everyone talking.

Everyone, but Durham of course, has attempted this challenge since

Everyone, but Durham of course, has attempted this challenge since

Manchester United stars get the hang of Alli’s celebration

Durham was less than impressed, however.

Speaking on Drivetime, he said: “It’s left me zoned out lying on the floor, beaten by the boredom that comes with someone thinking contorting their fingers into shapes around their eyes is remotely interesting.

“He is actually an adult male by the way! He’s a grown up and he’s still doing this…

“Those bozos on social media who are trying to do it – take a long hard look at yourselves, ideally not with your fingers contorted round your eyes.

“What the hell are you doing? Please don’t bother. Go and do something interesting and constructive with your lives.

“I’m going to set a new challenge for Dele Alli. Get your fingers into a clenched fist, both hands.

“Open them halfway and then pretend you’re lifting up a trophy! Why not try doing that? Wouldn’t that be a good idea?”


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