HOLYFIELD TV + SHE TV Gives Soul Central Countdown Show A Distribution Deal

Great news people, Soul Central Magazines Music Video Countdown Show


Soul Central Magazine Music Video Countdown show has been picked up in the USA, Where it will be distibuted via the inspiring ~ I Launch TV    

And will be shown on Holyfield TV Network ~ and She TV.

Some info below

iLaunch is a growing corporation of many departments with two main goals.  First, iLaunch is aiming to revolutionize the streaming media landscape.  Basing our pricing model on our costs instead of the industry standard, we are changing the exclusivity of television advertising.  Effectively leveling the playing field for businesses of all sizes. With iLaunch’s vast marketing capability we have incorporated every aspect an entrepreneur or inventor needs to introduce their product to market.  From product development to retail placement, we offer our partners every opportunity to make their product launch successful.


See more about I Launch TV and there network >>>


More info COMING SOON. Exciting Times.


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