I’m losing my penis to cancer — but I’m getting married anyway


A young British dad is lamenting the loss of his sex life with his fiancée as cancer ravages his manhood, according to a report.

Seven months after Dale Clark, 25, discovered a lump that turned out to be terminal penis cancer, he has undergone five surgeries and several rounds of chemo and radiation, The Sun reported.

“I struggle to walk to the toilet and my penis has no use other than to try and urinate from it,” he said. “It has no feeling. The cancer is busy eating away around it so I will probably lose it altogether soon. But I’m a soldier.

“I’ve got my kids to think about and I can’t be selfish and give up,” added Clark, who has a 6-year-old son, Cole, and a baby girl on the way with Paige King, 24, in Newcastle.

Cole ClarkCaters News Agency

Clark has been left with a disfiguring wound at the top of his groin after skin form his thigh was grafted onto his member.

Despite the ordeal, he told The Sun that he is determined to keep positive and to marry his sweetheart in Vegas while accepting that his sex life is ruined.

“That part of my life is gone now,” he said. “They could cut it off and it wouldn’t bother me, that’s how far past it I am. I know it’s terminal, but I’m not planning to go anywhere for a few years.”

While chemo was “hell,” Clark said he would undergo it again if doctors believed it would give him more time with Cole and the couple’s unborn girl, who is due in July.

A sonogram of the couple’s “miracle” unborn daughter.Caters News Agency

The first signs something was amiss came when Clark struggled to urinate. He suspected an infection but then found a lump in June 2017.

Doctors first thought tight foreskin caused the lump so they circumcised Dale, but test results later revealed the devastating diagnosis.

Paige said: “He just looked at me and said, ‘Paige, they’re saying it’s cancer.’ We both broke down and just sobbed our hearts out.”

The couple all but gave up on their hope of having a baby, but two months later, Paige discovered she was expecting their “little miracle.”

Paige, who will be a first-time mom, said: “The diagnosis has brought us closer together. We’re stronger as a team and are taking each day as it comes.”

Clark is now urging other men to be aware of the warning signs.

“If something doesn’t look or feel right just make sure you get checked out,” he said. “Push to get a circumcision before the lump gets too big to do anything about.”


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