International Gala – Heart Of Hollywood- Casanova Travel – NOT TO BE MISSED

Heart Of Hollywood is hosting an International Gala in the most Iconic Hotel in Tijuana Mexico; the Grand Hotel Tijuana.

Tijuana is one of the trendiest cities in Mexico. Traditionally known for its prime location, just across the border from San Diego California, Tijuana is currently transforming itself into a dynamic international commerce destination, as well as a world-class tourism oasis with friendly and hospitable people.

Heart Of Hollywood invites you to take advantage of this highly publicized event by attaching your brand to this one of a kind gala. Heart Of Hollywood excels in working with investors because we value our sponsors and take a personal interest in getting the most out of your presentation. When you succeed, we all succeed. This highly anticipated event is the perfect opportunity to grow your brand awareness by introducing it to a new audience and encouraging customers to keep coming back.

The Grand Hotel Tijuana is where business and pleasure have come together to create memorable stories since 1985.

Heart Of Hollywood is honored to host our event in the Heart of Tijuana Mexico.

Join us for the first ever Heart of Hollywood international event in Tijuana, Mexico. We are very excited to bring to you the best mix of international talent and an opportunity to connect with powerful industry professionals.

The package is attached

Mexico Event:


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