International Recording Artist Jessie Tylre Williams

International Recording Artist Jessie Tylre Williams is a high-powered and compelling Singer/Songwriter who is full of passion and drive.

Originally from Manitoba, Jessie followed a gypsy lifestyle of movement from a young age and turned to music as a way of grounding herself. Now calling Alberta home, she continues as a passionate singer and songwriter preaching the potential of sound and voice as a healing medium gaining her musical influence through lending a hand to help others that need support during their own hardships.

Jessie has won many awards including Nashville TCMA Awards for Most Outstanding Showcase Entertainer of the Year and Most Promising Female Artist of the Year. The most recent award Jessie received was a Commendation Medal from the Minister of Veterans Affairs for her tour and commitment to the Military on combating the issues with PTSD and fund raising for awareness and treatment.

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IG: @jessietylre


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