Introducing Mr. Anthony A. March – Travel /Landscape Photographer

Introducing Mr. Anthony A. March – Travel /Landscape Photographer

Anthony A. March was born in Birmingham and come from an artistic (e.g. sculptures and household designs) family. He is a commercial appliance engineer by profession. Alongside his profession, his main ambition was to follow his deep passion for travel, culture and architectural photography.

No photo is planned or orchestrated in a studio setting, it is raw on the spot photography, no two shots are the same because he states that he usually finds the subject matter by accident, while driving, walking and visits abroad. However, he confessed that he is particularly drawn to flowers, abstract shapes and ancient traditions which are still surviving and evolving.

Anthony has spent the past years perfecting his art, researching and then working spontaneously to capture a moment. His images aim to reflect graphic quality, use of light and composition. For Anthony his photography is uncut and unfiltered. There is no doubt that he combines his love for nature and combining abstract shapes with a humanistic Anthony touch.

Each of his photographs tells a story of hidden life on this earth. Anthony’s passion to capture different pictures for his portfolio has brought him to many countries: Cuba, Turkey, Ghana, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, France, Spain, and USA many more.

He regularly ventures off on a photo shoot to Southern Wales, seeking new subject matter to create his newest collection.

Anthony openly acknowledged that photography is an unbelievably tough industry to break into today. There are so many talented photographers on social media but he strongly believes that the eye of the photographer, diversity and passion keeps photography alive.

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