An East London pastor is organising an event to celebrate the 11th anniversary of the church he created and to highlight the need for family and community support as well as draw attention to initiatives and hard-working agents of change.

The event, organised by Senior Pastor Audie Cummings, is on Sunday, September 9JAMAICAN HIGH COMISSIONER TO ATTEND PASTOR’S COMMUNITY EVENT. It will be attended by dignitaries including the Jamaican High Commissioner and the Mayor of the London Borough of Newham. Over 200 speakers and guests will be at this event at the Stratford Town Hall, 29 Broadway, London E15 4BQ. One of the many local caterers for the luncheon is by the celebrated food entrepreneur Levi Roots.

Greetings, the date is:

(09/09/2018) @ 11am – 16:30

Church Service: 11am – 13:00

Performances: 13:00 – 14:00

LBN Mayor Speech: 14:00 – 14:10

JHC Speech: 14:11 – 14:21

100 Person Chamber: 14:45

10 plus Dignitaries Speaking: Dr Leroy Logan
Dr Lola Ramocan: Chairperson for WHNja (JHC’s Wife)


Speakers so far confirmed include Dr Leroy Logan, MBE, a retired Police Superintendent, and the Jamaican High Commissioner Seth George Ramocan and his wife, Dr Lola Ramocan who is chair of the Women’s Health Network Jamaica UK. Mr Ramocan is also the newly appointed Chair Of CARICOM. He will deliver an update on the Windrush situation and the Jamaican diaspora’s contribution.

The UK branch of Women’s Health Network was launched on June 13. Pastor Cummings was on the steering committee for the launch and will be on the committee for launching in East London with Dr Ramocan as chair.

Newham Mayor Rokhsana Fiaz OBE is another speaker. She is the first female mayor in a borough acknowledged as one of the most diverse in Britain.

Pastor Cummings created the ‘Stop Series’ after reflecting on his early experience of gang violence in Tottenham, North London in the early Nineties when he had acid thrown into his eyes because he was stopping a member of his staff in his barber shop being attacked. He spent a week in hospital and regained his eyesight. After that he built up his business into four salons in the Tottenham area and Oxford, employing 13 people.

“The Stop Series theme is to stop stabbing each other and start trimming to become barbers,” Pastor Cummings said. He is now an Institute for Independent Business management consultant. “We also developed a series for technology which is to stop stabbing and start apping. From the acid attack just after the Tottenham riots, I understand this social corporate responsibility to help to improve things. Many people would stop negativity if they had the opportunity to learn creativity.” There are also Stop projects to encourage writing as well as education.

In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ Church Apostolic Ministry was started in September 2007 by Pastor Cummings and his wife Evangelist Diane in Beckton, East London. They’ve been working in the areas of support brokerage, domestic violence, addictions and mental health ever since.

“In the bible, there are three main institutions that God established; these are family, church and government,” said Pastor Cummings. “These institutions are what we are trying to bring out in this theme of what we’re trying to achieve. In the 100 Man Chamber at Stratford Town Hall, we’re grateful to have speakers of the calibre of Dr Logan who will be the chair lead. He will be doing a talk on crime prevention in the Jamaican diaspora and knife and gun crime.”
The format of the event is a service at 11am speakers, lunch from 1:30-2:30pm and a Q&A session after that for the media. There will also be a community awards session. The event finishes at 4:30pm.


For media attendance and more information, contact Audie Cummings on or M: 07711 035164.

ITNOTLJC Church Apostolic Faith Assembly: ITHACA House, First Floor, 27 Romford Road, Stratford Newham, E15 4JL. Sunday’s 17:30-19:30 (Once per month 19:30 – 21:30) Bible Study every Tuesday at 07:30pm house to house and by Teleconference.


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