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Embracing one, can make a change in all…

At JET Foundation we’re raising funds and promoting initiatives to serve the people who need them most. We believe in taking action with urgency in order to raise public awareness about some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others.

Founded in 2018

Organizational info:

o JET Foundation

o 1654 Marathon Drive Las Vegas NV, 89108

o (702) 500-4155

Contact information:

o Dr. Jeffery Eugene Thompkins PhD

o O- (702) 500-4155 C- (702) 461-8023

Vision Statement:

Through the use of social media, our organization seeks to:

1. Engage with the general public to raise awareness about issues

2. Create conversations about our work and insert our voice into conversations to

challenge the mainstream discourse

3. Listen to our members to gain their trust and insight

4. Build and develop relationships to strengthen our support network and brand

our organization as a leader in the movement

5. Translate online awareness to offline action, and organize individuals to

advocate for solutions to issues




JET Foundation was developed as a non-profit galvanized to accelerate the

advancement of people’s personal & prefessional lives.

Our organization extends beyond prudent enjoyment and education to provide the tools, guidance and creativity for members to attain independence and prominence.

Success is measured through member happiness and satisfaction in the services and
benefits they receive as well as their ascendancy in career development. Developing and maintaining a breadth and depth of eminent members is essential to the growth of our community.

We are driven to continually improve our services, programs and outreach to expand the organization’s strength, reputation and influence.


To champion the advancement of our clients lives by building strong relationships, essential business skills and leadership among members.


Getting a new organization off the ground successfully requires a team effort. Our first six months as a new organization surpassed our wildest dreams: 87 members joined. We held 2 major events including:

– Our Inaugural Christmas Angel Program where we adopted 12 single parent families ranging from 3-6 household members, and provided gifts and personal items for each person; and a full dinner including dessert.

We provided hundreds of meals, 3,000 pieces of clothing, 200 bicycles, hundreds of toys and COUNTLESS smiles. Our forecasts were exceeded.

Like any new organization, not everything went perfectly according to plan, requiring us to revamp some activities quickly. Our members and leadership were up to the task. During this time, new light was cast upon societal issues.

An ambitious 2019 schedule of activities is underway. The new Job board Forum will launch in January 2019, to be followed by several more forums throughout the year. January also includes the launch of our first training event, as part of our Well DressedMan program and new Professional Training Series, as well as our new volunteer program. By spring we’ll be in full swing with a member conference, followed in the summer with our first major fundraiser.


The primary benefits of JET Foundation membership is to develop strong relationships with like-minded families and individuals who’s focus is on family & career development in the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas . To that end, JET Foundation seeksorganizational (501(c)3) support via sponsorship and donations in order to provide our members with top-notch programs, education, seminars, an extensive network, along with day-to-day access to

-Professional forums will be supported by a CRM-system. (A Forum are peer groups that meet outside of the organization’s event schedule. Members will have the opportunity to participate in the forums as well as to attend events)

– All members will have access to a comprehensive individual, corporate membership and affiliate association directory.

– Our comprehensive website will house all resources, including career development tools (and member benefits), affiliate information (sponsor associations directory and access), dedicated web pages to raise individual and business brand awareness.

Sponsorship opportunities are first available to business members of JET Foundation. Opportunities include the option to speak at upcoming events and/or exhibit wares at a conference, and JET Foundation offers annual and lifetime opportunities to supportthose in the community.

S P O N S O R  B E N E F I T S

Access to searchable MEMBER DIRECTORY

Access to online DISCUSSION FORUM

Company Profile WEBPAGE with Company Logo, Description and Links on our website

Preference on opportunities to speak at or sponsor events and programs

Ongoing1 membership and media exposure

Social Media, Member Emailing and Online Promotion as Organizational Sponsor (with logo) in PR and communication documents

Company Logo, Description and Links on our website for up to 6 months

Company Name and Logo on Sponsor Signs

VIP Access – Event ticket(s) – mingle with our members; nametag(s) with satin “SPONSOR” flag(s) per event

President’s acknowledgement of your Sponsorship during event announcements

Brief speaking “infomercial”

“Thank you” mention with logo and link in the post-event email to our mailing list

Embracing one, can make a change in all…

Dr. Jeffery Eugene Thompkins Jr., PhD, MBA, BSA
Chief Executive Officer & Owner
JET Foundation LLC
(702) 500-4155



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