Journey Of India’s Dynamic Change Maker : Manish Pharasi

Born and raised in Dehradun, India. This is the story of a visionary who had embarked on a mission of Global Transformation.

The man spoken about is Manish Pharasi who has laid a foundation for people grow with a change from inside. His values, principles, and structured approach have paved way for a transformed individual and has set an example for others to follow today.


From an Engineer and Management Graduate to a success coach, he has decoded the true meaning of life cycle analysis of people in an exemplary way.In an exclusive interview with him, we realised and discussed the key focus of human life and how ‘extensive mind-set coaching’ can result as well as change one’s life.

Rightly goes the saying “Success is not a destination but a journey” and Manish has proven to be a front runner in the same.Today, his unique style of mentoring, coaching delivery is widely accepted and acclaimed across the nation making him known as India’s Dynamic Change Maker who is on a mission to create leaders of tomorrow.

Manish specialises in an array of mind-set programs ranging from ‘NLP’ to ‘Goal Coaching’ to ‘Unique Thought Refinement’ trainings which have impacted lives of over 30000+ individuals globally.Now to take this mission to the next level he gave the world his brain child, his latest book “Unveil the Incredible You”. It is a book which narrates and reflects the ‘Transformative’ power and energy of the human mind.

From being a man of stories to being a best-selling author he is truly an icon of discipline, belief and passion. We are sure that the ideologies of his book and world class trainings would create a belt of change, change for Betterment, and change for Transformation.

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