Juan Pineda Sanchez .. Coming Soon in Soul Central Magazine

I Am An Inventor / Actor / Entrepreneur. As Inventor: I Have A Few Patents, A Few Trademarks. As Actor: 

Inventor / Actor / Humanatarian Juan Pineda Sanchez 🥇

Patents owned by Mr Juan Pineda

Mr Pineda Has Been Featured, In Over 25 Action Films For International TV.
As Entrepreneur: My Newest Business Is Master Locking Pliers LLC.

My Best Picture Of 2018
Paying A Tribute With My Hollywood Celebrities Friends and Colleges,A Very Important Part Of My Lifetime!,

And That is That:

I Want To Give,
Special Thanks!….
To My Brother!,
MR. Olympia A. Gellini
Founder Olympia Gellini!,
And To MR. Alain Zirah!,
For Their Love!, And Great!, Support!..

You Guys Are Amazing!..

The Best From The Best!..

I Would Also Like To Say; That,
I Am Very Thankful!, With My Brother Mark Rowe!, For His Love!, And Great Support!..
Thank You!.. Thank You!..
And Many Thanks!,
To The Awesome Team From,
Soul Central Magazine!..

You Guys Rock!..

You Guys Are The Best!..

God Bless!..



Inventor / Actor / Entrepreneur

Juan Pineda Sanchez “El Pit”


To Hollywood Living Legend Ms. Margaret O’Brien,
At The Family Film Awards 2018.
In The Picture
The Iconic Pointer Sisters,
Anita and Bonnie Pointer,
Hollywood Actress Ruta Lee,
Hollywood Actor Randall Malone,
Hollywood Entertainment Consultant
B Harlan Boll,
Hollywood Luxury Event Promoter
Al Harris,
Actress, Producer Vicky Contreras,
Special Thanks To MR. Olympia A. Gellini, Founder Of The World Film Institute, Family Film Awards, and The Olympia Awards,
For The (VIP) Invitation To The Awesome Event!…
Inventor / Actor / Entrepreneur
Juan Pineda Sanchez “El Pit”

In The News:
Turlock inventor also pursues acting career
Turlock inventor pitches idea to ‘As Seen on TV’ industry leaders
Local inventors newest creation teaches ins and outs of driving

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