Karina Nistal “My Muse” Music Video Premiere Release

Karina Nistal “My Muse” Music Video Premiere

(LOS ANGELES – January 30, 2018) — The sultry singer/songwriter, Karina Nistal, who was born in Houston and now lives in Los Angeles, released the much anticipated “My Muse” video from her album Living Proof.

The video features picturesque beaches, airy rooftops, palm-lined boulevards, vintage cars and a flirtatious Karina Nistal. Filmed in various locations all over L.A. from Hollywood to Laguna Beach, “My Muse” showcases the beauty and appeal of southern California.

“My Muse” was Directed by Erica Acevedo, Co-Produced by Candi Gomez and Merari Chavarria, with music production by Madji’K. Videographer Emma Massalone and Production Designer Gretchen Ariate were also involved in the video production. The all-female team executed a flawless look into California living. “Houston will always be my heart, but Los Angeles is now my home,” explains Karina about the vision of the video. “I wanted my fans to experience what makes this place so special.”

Karina’s first electronic house video, “My Muse” is quickly becoming a fan favorite while captivating new audiences. You can watch “My Muse” and Karina’s other videos at https://www.youtube.com/c/karinanistal.


A gifted vocalist, Karina exudes a vibrant charisma that carries over from her bilingual musings into her self-assured rhymes. From Latin hip hop, Neo soul, Electronic and House, Karina’s sound defies easy definition. Since 2004, Karina has released four full-length albums, now working on her fifth release, “Je Ne Sais Quoi,” due out before the end of the year. facebook.com/karinanistalmusic @karinanistal


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