Man says he executed neighbor over ‘adult bullying’


A Florida man who admits killing his “evil” neighbor claims years of “adult bullying” drove him to commit murder – and he has no regrets.

Qiu Feng Ke, 60, has “acknowledged his participation” in the cold-blooded execution of his neighbor, Edward Tudor, 37,  on Tuesday and planned the killing in advance — even having his will notarized with the intention hanging himself afterward, according to a complaint affidavit obtained by The Post.

Ke, also known as Joe Ke, told a reporter during a jailhouse interview on Wednesday that he lost sleep for the past two years from incessant noise emanating from Tudor’s home. Tudor would regularly pound on the walls, yell profanities and blast his television at high volume, as well as mock him, Ke told WFTX.

“I think he’s evil,” Ke said. “That’s what I think.”

Ke claims he was victimized by Tudor’s “adult bullying,” which he says he simply couldn’t endure any longer.

“I couldn’t let this thing go away because I don’t want him to get his way,” Ke told the local Fox affiliate. “The bullying, the bullying thing. I don’t want him to win, to get his way.”

A self-admitted “loner,” Ke said all he wanted was to live a quiet life in peace. But Ke also acknowledged he never called police to report any noise complaints.

“I’m a loner,” he said. “Someone’s a loner, is nice to people, don’t push him. You know, talk to him. Don’t try to bully him. That’s why I tried to make [a] point.”

Investigators said Ke opened his neighbor’s front door Tuesday afternoon and walked in to “surprise” Tudor, who was unarmed and holding a small dog when Ke shot him once. The bleeding victim held his hand out as if to shield himself from more harm before he was shot several more times.

“The victim went outside pleading and asking the defendant why he was doing this,” the complaint affidavit continues. “The defendant said the victim was on the ground in the front lawn, where the defendant shot him several more times, resulting in the victim’s death.”

Ke — who told deputies that Tudor never threatened or attempted to harm him in any way — also said he planned to kill a woman named “Jen,” who he mistakenly believed also lived at the home.

Melanie Snow, a spokeswoman for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, told The Post Wednesday that investigators were still working to determine the exact nature of the dispute between Ke and Tudor. She also confirmed that the killing was captured on Ke’s extensive home surveillance system.

“The suspect has multiple surveillance cameras on his home and the houses were right next door to each other, so that will definitely help with our investigation,” Snow told The Post. “But we’re still in the process of going through what happened here and figuring out the motive.”

Ke, meanwhile, told WFTX he plans on acting as his own attorney in court and doesn’t intend to fight the premeditated murder charge he faces.

“I’m not going to fight for myself,” he told the station. “I’m going to fight to get the death penalty because I don’t have any parents, any friends. I don’t have relatives. I’m by myself. The only love I know is my parents’ love. And they are gone already.”

Asked about Tudor, Ke didn’t hold back.

“For him, I don’t have regret,” he said. “But for his parents, yes. Because I understand, you know. But I kind of feel I had no way out.”


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