Mary Martin London UK BeSpoke Designer @faceteemary1



Award winning designer Mary Martin began her career in the music industry but developed a keen interest in fashion over the years. Today, she is one of the stand-out fashion designers in London, known for her outrageous, bespoke, creative designs. Emerging on the fashion scene in 2013 she has become renowned for her cutting edge designs that break the rules.

Mary’s collections have featured on shows such as Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model and her numerous editorials include The Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, Elle, French magazine ‘Slave’, Switch and Meade magazine.

“I believe these accolades represent my talent and my drive for success and I feel I have worked hard to achieve the success I am currently receiving. I wish to progress further and will continue to develop my brand to ensure there is longevity in my designs that surpasses me as an individual. My passion is fashion, I want my clothes to fit the body like a birthday suit. You are what you wear”


Best Female Designer of the Year – The International Achievers Award 2014

Honorary BAFTA inspirational Award 2014

Best Designer, Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival 2015