May – 2019 SCMA AWARDS – Las Vegas #Review

May- 2019 SCMA AWARDS- Las Vegas, was a great weekend. With a mixture of celebrities, aspiring artists, business consultants and a few natives. The venue meal options were limited, spicy with no option for fried bread or homemade tortilla. As us native are used too. While in vegas, the crew and I stopped by the pow wow at snow cap mountain(Paiute Reservation).

Watch some of the dances. Checked out the vendors merchandise and watch the big lines as, native country stood in line for Indian tacos and Texas tornados. As the evening ended, Soul Central Magazine- Arts and Culture did a short presentation. Representing native country. We accepted the award for Mr. Larry Hammond. The event kicked off with an independant Artist showcase.

Moved on to inspirational, motivational testimonies from nominees. Including, Floyd Maywhether mother. Then later, on to the awards Thank you- once again to Mark Rowe for showing his love and gratitude for our people and those of the North American continent. From his London, UK home base. Also, thanks to Lamar Williams, Nick Payne, Floyd Maywhether and everyone who supported this fund raiser and business mixer-SCMA. Courtesy of- RezconnectEnt & Promotions / Rezervation Bosses, Destiny Raya, A Vision Ent, Soul Central Magazine


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